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Caring for You as You Care for the World

I'm feeling deeply for all of us right now in our human family in the wake of the US elections. This video is an unscripted personal sharing, acknowledging the heightened stress, trauma, heartbreak and fear so many of us are experiencing...

Avoiding “Bad” Habits at Times of Stress

When a friend recently asked me how to avoid “bad” self-care habits when he’s up against a deadline or feeling really stressed, I knew I needed to create a Vital Tips video to share my response…

Being Held

Being Held

I’ve come to see that being held is one of the most essential, vital elements to creating the life you are here to live, to blossoming and thriving fully as you. And yet, sadly, it can be so elusive for many of us.

Finding Ease in Your Crowded Life

I see most of my clients, and in fact many of the people I know, struggling to balance all of the demands on their time these days – from parenthood, to work, to relationships, to service, to keeping up on the constant flood of emails and texts…

Why You Don’t Need a New Year’s Resolution

As much as I love the ritual of the new year and the fresh energy and motivation it brings, I’m not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions! Learn why and what I’d suggest you try instead.

Remember… Your Doctor Works for YOU!

Have you ever felt like your needs weren’t met when you went to a health care provider? I want you to feel empowered in creating a team of support for your health journey that truly supports YOU!

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