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Vital U

9 Months to Get Unstuck and Rediscover Who You Are

A Guided Journey of Retreats and Sacred Space
to Renew, Reclaim and Reemerge

Sometimes in life we lose sight of ourselves, trapped in cycles of obligation and expectations, exhausted from trying to prove ourselves over and over again. It is times like these we realize: the way I’ve been doing things isn’t working anymore. Something has to give. 

In a world that often pulls us in countless directions, leaving us feeling depleted and disconnected, this retreat program offers a sacred space for you to pause, breathe, and realign with yourself.

Vital U is designed to compassionately guide you over the bridge from who you have been to who you are becoming.

It’s my most deeply supported offering for women in times of transition, born of my own experience re-emerging from chronic burnout into a place of renewed authenticity and abundance.

“Deborah Zucker walks the talk. If you have the opportunity to work with her – seize it! And then treat it like the unique treasure that it is. That’s what I’m going to continue to do, anyway.”
Diane Jhueck, LMHC

Let me share the practices & insights (gathered over 20 years of personal and professional experience) that changed my life. 

  • Re-learn how to deeply rest and relax.
  • Free up your time and cultivate greater discernment of your true priorities.
  • Rediscover the fun and joy of being the creator of your own reality, free from old patterns that hold you back.
  • Finally know how it feels to honor yourself and your needs above all else,  navigating a new course guided by the wisdom of your heart.
  • Learn to listen to the whispers of your soul, honor the wisdom of your body, and trust in the inherent intelligence of the universe.
  • Find strength and solace in the knowledge that you are not alone on this transformative journey.
  • Emerge from the experience with a newfound sense of purpose and direction, ready to embark on the next chapter of your journey with confidence and clarity.

How Does It Work?

Over the course of nine months, you’ll have the opportunity to go deeper into your healing journey than ever before. Limited to a group of just eight dedicated women, our intimate cohort setting fosters a profound sense of community and connection, allowing each member to feel truly seen, heard, and valued. Through a carefully curated blend of holistic practices, therapeutic modalities, and healing community, you’ll rediscover a sense of ease, flow and inspiration in your daily life.

We’ll gather in-person for four, long-weekend retreats in the beautiful Skagit River Valley of Western Washington. Each retreat has a specific focus designed to help you disentangle from patterns that hold you back from real and lasting breakthroughs, cultivate your understanding of how to nourish and support your physical body, and nurture a sense of ease and trust amidst the transitions in your life.

You’ll benefit from both private guidance from me and the healing power of “we,” receiving regular accountability, challenge, and caring support from your fellow seekers. Through ongoing community interaction, including monthly group coaching calls, accountability buddies, and an intimate online space for connection, you’ll receive the feedback and support needed to align yourself with your deepest truths. We’ll address core issues and tough spots with softness instead of force, allowing you to navigate your inner landscape with compassion and grace.

Dr. Deborah Zucker, ND, LMHCA

Hello! I’m Dr. Deborah Zucker, a licensed naturopathic physician, mental health counselor, health coach, and author at Vital Medicine.  I know what it feels like to have a deep deep yearning that is not being met or fulfilled, to have hit a wall in life and lost track of who I am. I overcame chronic fatigue as a young person to start my own business and publish a book, found my way back from burnout to have a child, and am currently navigating the reemergence of my Professional Self as a Mama.

This program exists because I have experienced first hand the profound need for support in reclaiming our life energy and navigating life’s twists and turns. Few people know how to guide others on the path through that valley, and I am one of them. My passion is helping women shed old ways of being, reconnect to their bodies, and deeply honor themselves so that they can know joy, find ease and fulfillment in work, family, and relationships, and live fully from their hearts.

“Working with Deborah in Vital U has helped me to disentangle from old patterns and start a journey toward being uniquely me. Deborah has a special gift. Her capacity for this work is amazing. She has made major impacts in my life and my appreciation is endless.”

Dr. Melinda Bower, ND

Retreat Center

Who is this for?

The Self-Love Seeker

  • You might be a busy professional and devoted mother, finding yourself depleted and disconnected from your passions. It may seem like your days are filled with endless tasks, leaving little time for self-care or meaningful interactions. Struggling with low mood and indecision, you yearn for practical ways to cultivate self-care and presence in your daily life. You crave a life-raft in the overwhelm and a guiding hand to show you where to begin.

The Relationship Struggler

  • Maybe you’ve hit a rough patch in your marriage, struggle to balance being a Mama and being a person, or just can’t seem to tend to yourself the way you tend to others. Either way, something needs to change from the inside. You long to repair and find balance in the important bonds in your life- most especially with yourself! You need space and guidance to find yourself and rediscover the ease you once knew in  your connections.

The Overwhelmed Professional

  • You find yourself constantly on the go, juggling multiple responsibilities with little downtime. The hectic schedule has taken a toll on your physical and mental health – you might be suffering from a difficult relationship to food, lack of exercise, and/or poor sleep. Despite your achievements, you’re feeling depleted and are in desperate need of a new M.O., one that honors your body and enhances your well-being.

The Lost Wanderer

  • We’ve all been there: Stuck in a rut, lacking inspiration and motivation. Despite outward “success,” you often experience boredom and discontent, longing for something more meaningful. Unsure of where to turn, you’re wondering how to turn the tide and reconnect with your love for live, to find clarity and a way of being that feels authentic and fulfilling.

Program Overview

I highly recommend Vital U. This experience literally saved my life. It brought me the ability to truly see what needed to be healed and to find the support and tools to do that. And to not just live, but to live fully. Deborah is so conscious, thoughtful and really a true holder of the space you need. I cannot say enough. The weekends and the program just flowed really well, like climbing a mountain, reaching the peak, and descending with grace. There is a vulnerability in it, but she holds this sacred space so nicely, that it's as if you are in this womb of warm water and protection.
Dr. Marnie Frisch, ND

  • First, we’ll meet for two private 80-minute discovery sessions via Zoom.  I’ll take the time to really get to know you: the unique mosaic of experiences and relationships that have brought you here; where you’re at in your life journey; the patterns that are holding you back; what kind of support you’re yearning for.  Together we’ll set the stage for you to enter this group experience as we both honor what’s uniquely yours to contribute, transform, and achieve.
    • I’ll make you your very own Vitality Map™, a detailed document dedicated to your unique healing journey. This Map draws on all of my years of personal and professional experience to guide you step by step – without overwhelm! – toward the integrated person you are becoming.
      • We’ll gather for four intimate retreats.  You’ll experience the deep intimacy of community, of healing together, of feeling held, of letting down, of knowing that your are not alone, and that there is nothing wrong with you.
            • Retreat 1: Foundations of Self-Care
            • Retreat 2:  Aligning with Your Path
            • Retreat 3:  Living in Love 
            • Retreat 4:  The Art of Sustaining Personal Change

        Think guided meditations, shared organic meals, quiet, peaceful reflection, journaling, serene nature walks, lots of belly laughs and a safe space in which to truly feel yourself.

        • You’ll work with me One-On-One every month for Transformational Health Coaching (Via Zoom video).  I’ll hold your hand and have your back as you grow and evolve along with the program.  Stay attuned and aligned, focus and re-focus on what’s uniquely yours (9 sessions).
          • We’ll keep the connection alive between retreats with monthly group calls. We’re all in it together. Know that you’re not alone. Give and receive support from your cohort mates and me. Experience the deep healing and safety of being seen and held as our messy, real selves (9 sessions).
            • Explore what’s next for you in a private, online community journal space. I will be an active presence here, too: offering prompts, experiments, and inquiries to guide you back home to your own heart and body.

            Our Retreat Center: Cedar Springs Lodge

            In beautiful Sedro-Woolly, Washington

            Nestled on nearly 50 acres of secluded farm land, the inherently beautiful atmosphere of Cedar Springs Lodge honors the connection between everyone & everything. Located in the Skagit River Valley of Western Washington, the land and lodge offers a diverse habitat, featuring meadows, gardens, wetlands, & the beautiful Day Creek. This region provides a mesmerizing landscape adorned with ever-changing light and panoramic mountain vistas, inviting all who tread upon this sacred soil to become part of the timeless narrative.

            Retreat Dates

            Next cohort to begin Spring 2025. Stay tuned for dates.


            Because of the intimate, deep style of this program, it’s important to make sure we’ll be a good fit. Vital U participants are accepted through an application process including a short written application and a 20 minute Zoom call with me.


            Vital U transforms lives, leading to greater health, well-being, vitality and joy. My personal growth and the new skills I learned will serve me well as I navigate an important transition to retirement. It is a wonderful, life changing program that I would recommend for anyone seeking a richer, more satisfying life.

            Linda Welsh, Ph.D.

            Dean of Graduate Students and Academic Support, National American University

            Pay-in-Full Option:

            • $7450 — through May 1st
            • $8450 — until registration closes

            Payment Plan Option (9 Monthly Payments):

            • $870 — through May 1st
            • $980 — until registration closes


            * Limited scholarship opportunities available based on financial need.

            * Tuition does not include airfare or other travel costs, accomodations or meals for each of the four program retreats. Room and meal costs vary based on housing selection, and generally range between $450-$600 per session.

            Let go of what no longer belongs in your life. Experience the freedom and ease to focus on what truly brings you alive.

            It’s my greatest passion to share this journey towards profound well-being with you, so you can live with more wonder, energy, and ease. 

            If you’re curious about how I can support you, schedule a free, 20-minute discovery consultation.
            We’ll talk about where you’re at in your journey and explore which programs or one-on-one sessions could best support you.

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