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Check out Dr. Deborah’s growing audio library of talks.  The latest is on Optimizing the “Feeling Good!” Feedback Loop.


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Free Teleseminar – How to Discover Easeful Discipline in Your Health Journey

In May’s free teleseminar, Dr. Deborah will be discussing how to discover easeful discipline in your health journey that feels generative, empowered and life giving.


Awakening to Vitality

The pinnacle of the Vital Medicine approach.  This 9 month program, limited to 8 participants, weaves together every dimension you need to create a new, conscious relationship to health, planet, and Self.


Weekend Wilderness Soul Quest

A unique opportunity to experience deep healing, clarity, and profound transformation in the holding of nature and community.

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One-on-One Mentoring

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Work directly with Dr. Deb as your very own guide in an intimate, supportive space.  Via Skype or phone, we’ll unravel your challenges, co-create a customized map of healing, and cultivate an awakened relationship with health.  Experience profound transformation, tailored specifically for your life journey.

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Step through the gateway of an awakened approach to healing — in every aspect of your life.  Engage in an intimate, global community, from your own home.  Experience a unique blend of group work, experiential learning, self awareness practices, Q&A, and much more.

Weekend Seminars

Experience an intimate group container in a longer in-person program. Dr. Deb gently guides you into new territory, where you can experience a deeper level of healing, transformation, and growth. Come ready to awaken and ground yourself in a new level of embodiment and expression in the world.

Evening Classes

Enjoy a deep dive introduction to the world of Vital Medicine through these accessible, affordable programs.  Work interactively and experientially in a group setting designed for inspiration, awakening, and empowerment.  Discover awareness and inquiry practices, guided by Dr. Deb’s gentle wisdom, every step of the way.

Wilderness Renewal Programs

Stepping into nature offers a nurturing reflection of our own vitality, awakening deeper wisdom, clarity, and depth within us.  The Wilderness Renewal programs offer an opportunity to plunge deeply into this experiential awakening while exploring many layers of personal healing and transformation — all within an inspiring, supportive community environment.

Community & Cohort Programs

Sharing our healing journey with others offers a unique opportunity for depth and connection.  We witness others’ transformation, drawing inspiration and strength.  We allow ourselves to be witnessed in our evolution, enjoying the reflection, insight, and support of kindred travelers.  These programs offer a longitudinal experience of community, growing ever deeper, more intimate, and connected over time.  Experience the wonder of this precious human life, revitalized, alongside others.

One-on-One Mentoring for Health Practitioners

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“Healer, heal thyself.”  Work with a skilled health practitioner who understands your unique challenges as a health practitioner.  Via Skype or phone, Dr. Deborah will help you ground your own vitality, heal yourself, and work through the transformative journey of embodying a healing presence.  You’ll serve yourself and others by aligning with your true gifts.

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Wilderness Renewal Programs

Experience a unique, intimate setting for personal growth — of, for, and by health practitioners.  Nature reflects your own vitality and deepens your capacity to embody your own inner healer in sustainable, profoundly compassionate ways.  Strengthen your ability to nourish yourself, forge fulfilling relationships with others, and reconnect to the heart of your healing gifts.  Be held, inspired, and empowered by community, wilderness, and Dr. Deb’s skillful guidance.

Workshops & Weekend CE Courses

Whatever your healing modality, you have a unique medicine to share with others.  Come and experience a supportive community of practitioners devoted to depth, exploration, and service.  Learn new skills and give yourself the gift of nourishing and transformational personal growth.

Dr. Julia Smith, MD

The vision of Vital Medicine – to advocate for nothing less than the pursuit of vitality and aliveness in all the domains of an individual’s life – is cause for hope for the future of medicine.  Deb is a passionate and dedicated healer, walking her own vital path while inspiring her students & patients to follow theirs.

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