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FAQ for Vitality U

Got questions?  I’ve got answers!


Q: I’ve never worked with you before. Will this be a good fit?
A: Let’s find out! Schedule a complimentary discovery session with me, and we’ll learn together what would best support you.

Q: I’ve worked with you before and love you. Will this be new?
A: This will be far deeper and more comprehensive than anything you have experienced with me before. This is the full deal. There may be some content that you have previously tasted, yet in encountering it again you’ll digest and incorporate the learning at a more foundational level. After all, you’re on a lifetime journey of learning how to consciously steer yourself towards your own thriving!

Q: Can I try it out, and then cancel?
A: Due to the intimate nature of this program, with only 8 participants, your full commitment is required. Each member is an integral player in the community, and it is important that we create a safe, tight container to hold the  transformative growth and healing of all.

Q: What’s the refund policy?
A: This program has a no refund policy. Why? Because we (meaning our intimate learning community) need you to be all in when you join us (see question above). And you need you to be all in and committed to your Self in order to thrive in this healing journey.  I chat with every potential participant before enrollment happens to make sure that the program is a good fit. Schedule a complimentary session with me to discuss!

Q: What if I need more support along the way?
A: We can add in as much support as you need! For all Vitality U program participants, I will offer discounted Transformational Health Coaching sessions at $100/hour on an as needed basis throughout the 9 months of our program.

Q: What can I expect in terms of lodging and food?
A: Peaceful Mountain Retreat Center is such a special space to hold our program, offering the comforts of home, in a beautiful natural environment, with an inspiring, uplifting energy! Each of the shared rooms have their own attached full bath and have either two or three twin beds. Our meals will be organic, fresh, and healthy, and will accommodate any special dietary needs. There’s a yoga/dance studio with hard wood floors, a sauna, trails outside, and more! Lodging and food are included in the cost of the program. 

Q: I’m not technosavvy. Will I still be able to participate?
A: I’m very happy to support you in getting set up, and feel confident that we can overcome this hurdle, together! You will need to have access to a computer (or tablet) that allows you to get into our online group space for written sharing, and Zoom for our monthly group video calls. This is an important part of keeping our community experience alive in between our in-person retreats.

Any other questions you need answered? Please contact me and ask!

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