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Deborah Zucker is a gifted healer, working with great compassion to help others find their holistic health mojo.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Author of Eat, Pray, Love

Deborah Zucker walks the talk. If you have the opportunity to work with her - seize it! And then treat it like the unique treasure that it is. That's what I'm going to continue to do, anyway.

Diane Jhueck, LMHC

Dr. Deborah Zucker is a wise guide who will help anyone go beyond the ‘merely material’ to find what genuine health is all about.

Dr. Larry Dossey, MD

Author of One Mind

Deborah has a remarkable capacity to facilitate real transformative change in our relationship to health and life. After years of chronic patterns of intervention and alienation from my own health, Deborah, through a process that seemed remarkably simple and open, helped me find a new way. Over the past few months, I have lost 25 pounds, overcome sleep difficulties, become healthier and more sensitive, and gained more energy and vitality. Most importantly, I have relaxed out of needing to “overcome myself” in order to feel good. I would highly recommend Deborah to anyone who wants more health, aliveness and joy. Geoff Fitch

Founder & CEO, Pacific Integral

When I was in a dark place in my life, Deborah helped me find new light. Her One-on-One Mentoring sessions focused on specifics and inspired me to take action and make real changes. Deborah’s ability to share her personal experiences of growth and change in a very relevant way, deeply enriches her coaching style. Her deep intellectual and experiential knowledge, along with her gentle manner, made me feel well cared for and comfortable. Deborah helped me find how to open myself with new awareness and new willingness to continue my personal journey. Kippy Messett

Deborah Zucker offers a foundational piece missing in our urgency to “get better”: a skillful and compassionate relationship with the process of healing ourselves so that our illnesses can become gateways to a more integrated life.

Vicki Robin

Author of Blessing the Hands that Feed Us and Your Money or Your Life.

Dr. Deborah’s gentle, holistic, accepting style of holding a diverse group throughout powerful transformation is a rare find. She models a level of true calm, as well as trust in herself, her participants, and in nature that gives me faith in what can be accomplished in the world when people in leadership positions have made the commitment to their own health, wellbeing, and vitality on all levels.

Jeanell Innerarity, LMP, HP

Deborah has an amazing ability to stay present, dig in with respect, and to bring forward from deep within ourselves a focused place to begin or continue healing. She is so conscious, thoughtful and really a true holder of the healing space you need. I cannot say enough. 
Dr. Marnie Frisch, ND

The vision of Vital Medicine – to advocate for nothing less than the pursuit of vitality and aliveness in all the domains of an individual’s life – is cause for hope for the future of medicine. Deborah is a passionate and dedicated healer, walking her own vital path while inspiring her students & patients to follow theirs. Dr. Julia Smith, MD

Deborah helps people to gently grow closer to who they are, who they can be. The key take away for me in learning with Deborah was to be gentle and friendly to the body, in almost the same way that the mind needs to be gentle and friendly to the current moment. Thus, moving towards closing the body mind duality that my upbringing conditioned me to.

Thomas Dunser

Managing Director of Retail Solutions, Asia Pacific

Deborah is a magical health guide that will lead you on your journey to optimal health!

Agapi Stassinopoulos

Author of Unbinding the Heart

Deborah is an incredible teacher. It is obvious this is not just what she is educated in, it is the way she lives. She is honest, open hearted and gentle with each person individually. She speaks in a way that is easy to grasp the concepts that are not so concrete and often foreign in our culture. I would highly recommend her teachings. I will not be the same moving forward. Johnna Larsen

Licensed Massage Practitioner

Deborah is truly an extraordinary health care professional. I’ve been a patient of hers for more than a year. I feel her deep care for my well-being, and I experience the depth and breadth of her knowledge as she recommends actions I can take to enhance my own health. I love how she relates to me as one whole human to another. Jamie Selby

Change Management Professional, Philips Healthcare

Deborah has a vision of how we might live our lives in vital and vibrant bodies, how we might take these gifts we inhabit for an engagement of wonder, deeply aware of the marvel we walk in and so much more in the world. There’s great value in being pointed in this direction rather than strictly toward the model of pathology, where you wait for and respond to the break down. Beyond how she sees, Deborah is a terrific teacher — deeply knowledgeable, well-organized, abundantly clear, engaged and embracing in interaction.

Russell Graham

I would love to see Deborah teach many many more courses as she truly teaches from her heart, and passion pours out of her soul! She is very present and grounded! Lisa Braaten

With a heightened sensitivity Deborah has the ability to step inside my embodied experience and walks with me …back  to an inherent knowing my body may have forgotten. She is incredibly intuitive and can hold a vision for healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. JoAnn Lovascio

Core Energetic Therapist, Somatic Educator

What impresses me most about Deborah is her ability to “work with” you, not at you or for you. Her ability to create a safe space to explore and lay vulnerabilty bare has allowed me to move beyond my self-imposed barriers. Deborah has a passion for helping people to empower themselves in a way that is gentle, soft, nurturing and transformational. If you want to get out of your own way, consider working with Deborah. You might discover how amazing your life really is. Diane Lippman

It is an uncommon experience in our time to encounter a deep listener, especially one with the skills and experience to respond in ways that can be immediately helpful. Deborah Zucker is one of those rare people who brings her entire presence to whatever — or whomever — is before her.

Sonja Lindgren MSS

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Deborah Zucker is a profound healer who helps people discover their own potential for maximum health and growth.

Dr. Karen Wyatt, MD

Author of What Really Matters

In the time that we’ve spent working together, I’ve moved from feeling unable to adequately care for myself to taking pleasure in choosing a life that supports my life energy. When I make a choice that leads away from where I want to go ultimately, I have more reserves of self-compassion and acceptance than I used to to support myself in tacking my course. One of the most important skills that I’ve taken away from our work is that I can trust myself. My whole self “” body, spirit, mind. I’ve strengthened my intimacy to myself, which is, I think the foundation. Tori Walters

Deborah is a gifted practitioner with the heart and power to hold and guide the widest range of journeys. With courage and caring, she is an authenticity guide into very personal expressions of greater health. With familiarity of many paths, Deborah’s gift is the alignment of your own self-caring, bringing to life what is vital in you. Will Varey

Dr. Deborah offered gentle, persistent questioning and astute insight as we navigated a plan for my next steps. Her presence shines across time and space — I was unsure if we could make a strong connection using Skype technology, but found it to be immensely satisfying and powerful. I highly recommend work with this profound teacher, coach and friend.

Linda Welsh, Ph.D.

Dean of Graduate Students and Academic Support, National American University

Dr. Deborah Zucker ushers us into the depths of our aliveness and provides unparalleled instruction on how we can holistically approach vitality and well-being.

Rob McNamara

Author of The Elegant Self and Strength to Awaken

Deborah is a holistic physician who has an abundance of capacities to support the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health of individuals and collectives. She is a certified physician, and also offers many other support specialties which is uncommon enough. In addition she has wonderful leadership capacities, group facilitation skills, and community building abilities. Most of all however I admire her personable and heart filled connection and care she carries innately within her; the true heart of a healer.

Terri O'Fallon, Ph.D.

Founder & Principal, Pacific Integral

What makes Deborah unique as a Naturopathic Physician is the sacred therapeutic space she creates for healing to take place. In that space, she brings a compassionate heart, focused listening, words of wisdom, and her own palpable spirituality. She is a gentle leader and fosters a sense of community by creating an atmosphere that allows for openness and creativity while also keeping the group’s energy grounded. Dr. Angelica Lemke, ND

Westchester Natural Health

Deborah is an exceptional healer, teacher, and leader. She brings a deep perspective and wide context to her work while holding the ability to be present to each individual’s needs and potential. In my experience, her work moves beyond healing for individuals and collectives to creating wholeness and richer evolutionary potential. It has always been a pleasure and inspiration working with Deborah. Kristoffer Nelson

EVP Revenue & Operations, Social Reality

When I am with Deborah, my experience is that of being in the presence of a wise elder. She listens with deep respect and understanding. I feel her commitment to fostering what is healthy in me and healing what is not – physically, emotionally, spiritually. She’s unflinchingly honest and unfailingly compassionate. I always sense a shift in how I experience my life when I have been with Deborah – some new understanding, holding some problem more lightly, seeing my way more clearly. She indeed helps me feel more vital! Wendy Visconty

Certified Integral Coach

Deborah brings a boldness, vision, and energy to her work, and a holding that is so sweet.

John Doherty

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