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Healthcare Professionals

Individual and Community Support Programs

Transformational Coaching & Mentoring
for Healthcare Professionals

“Healer, heal thyself.”

Work virtually with a skilled physician mentor who understands your unique challenges as a healthcare professional. Whether you are a student, newly licensed, or have been out in the field for forty years, Dr. Deborah will support you in your own deep healing, while helping you to clarify and renew your passion for your work. Discover how to share your healing gifts in more sustainable, nourishing ways… for yourself, your clients, and the world.

The Vitality Map™ for Healthcare Professionals

* Programs available both virtually and locally *

Engage with a Supportive Community of Like-Minded Peers

Join together with other healthcare professionals on a path of deep healing and transformation. As part of a community of practice (led virtually, locally, or as a retreat), you’ll be exploring The Vitality Map’s 9 Keys to Deep Health, Joyful Self-Care, and Resilient Well-Being with Dr. Deborah as your guide. Experience eye-opening live experiments, gently guided practices, focused coaching, lots of community reflection + the unique opportunity of learning from the challenges and successes of your healthcare peers!

Cultivating A Healing Presence

A Vitality Workshop for Healthcare Professionals

This 2-day seminar is designed to support healthcare professionals in connecting more deeply with the essence of who they are as healers. Our capacity to embody a healing presence is a direct reflection of our own vitality.  As such, it’s essential that we healers cultivate our own awareness, deepen our intimacy with ourselves, and support our own vital flourishing.  By investing in ourselves first, we’re able to share our gifts with everyone around us in more sustainable, compassionate and life-giving ways.

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Download a Free Audio Class on The Vitality Map

Full of life wisdom, practical exercises, and inquiry questions to engage you, this 1.5 hour audio class from Dr. Deborah offers an introduction to The Vitality Map and its 9 Keys to Deep Health, Joyful Self-Care, and Resilient Well-Being.