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Go deep with my virtual and in-person retreats and educational programs.


Go deep with my virtual and in-person retreats and educational programs.

The Vitality Map™ Community of Practice

* Communities available both virtually and locally (Bellingham or Seattle, WA) *

A 10-Week Community of Practice Exploring My New Book

My new book, The Vitality Map, offers readers a deeply transformative and healing journey. For many of us, however, putting the insights we read in a book into practice in our lives can be challenging on our own. In this 10-week community of practice we’ll be exploring The Vitality Map’s 9 Keys to Deep Health, Joyful Self-Care, and Resilient Well-Being together.

Vitality U

An Intimate 9-Month Transformative Healing Community

Vitality U is a powerful 9-month journey that includes four in-person retreats, private Transformational Health Coaching with Dr. Deborah, and partnership with a community of your peers. It’s a holistic lifestyle program that encompasses and honors all that you are becoming, and gifts you incredible tools and extraordinary support so that you can devote yourself to nourishing your vitality and creating profound transformation in your body, mind, and heart.

Wilderness Soul Quest

A Retreat of Renewal and Transformation

This deeply therapeutic experience weaves together the power of the wilderness with the indigenous vision quest model. We’ll gather together for 3 days in a beautiful creekside mountain camp in Washington’s Esmeralda Basin to experience deep healing, clarity, and profound transformation in the holding of nature and community.

Cultivating A Healing Presence

A Vitality Workshop for Healthcare Practitioners

This 2-day seminar is designed to support healthcare practitioners in connecting more deeply with the essential truth of ourselves as healers. Our capacity to embody a healing presence is a direct reflection of our own vitality.  As such, it’s essential that we healers cultivate our own awareness, deepen our intimacy with ourselves, and support our own vital flourishing.  By investing in ourselves first, we’re able to share our gifts with everyone around us in more sustainable, compassionate and life-giving ways.

Work With Me

Transformational Health Coaching

Work directly with me through a virtual series of personalized, transformative sessions.

Group Programs & Retreats

Go deep with my virtual and in-person retreats and educational programs.

Self-Directed Learning

Explore at your own pace with my courses, books, audios and videos.

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